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Chinese Call Center is a trusted outsourcing provider of bilingual call center support services to international business clients that cater to Chinese-speaking customers. Operating from the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States, we continuously strive to become the top choice for global business clients that are looking for Chinese customer support solutions that can meet the highest international standards. Chinese Call Center can give you access to the best call center resources, including technologies and workforce. If your business aims to expand to the Asian market, partnering with us can let you have the winning tools in successfully establishing support in this major demographic.


Customer Service – The only way you can fully satisfy your customers is by understanding their needs and making sure that these are met. When your customer base is wide and diverse, language and cultural restrictions can prevent you from achieving this. Partnering with Chinese Call Center gives your business access to a pool of highly proficient Chinese-speaking customer service representatives that can effectively interact with your Chinese customers and assist them with their needs.

Technical Support – When customers experience product- or service-related concerns that involve highly technical processes and concepts, careful explanation of the step-by-step instructions in resolving the issues is a must. This can be extra challenging if you don’t have technical experts who can speak with your Chinese customers using their native language and guide them through the troubleshooting process. Chinese Call Center can gather a strong pool of technical support agents who can guarantee fast resolution to customer concerns.


E-mail – Nothing beats e-mail as a communication platform when it comes to ensuring comprehensive and complete transmission of information. This is why most customers still want to interact with businesses via email. If your business uses this channel in connecting with your customers, you need email support agents who are trained in using this classic support platform in meeting customer expectations.

Live Chat – Most e-commerce businesses and retail companies use modern Internet-based tools in connecting with their customers. Live chat is a popular tool used by companies in delivering real-time support to their customers. If your company website is constantly visited by potential customers, you need live chat support agents who can assist them in case they have inquiries while browsing. The last thing you want to happen is seeing your customers leave your website because of unavailability of online support.