How can call centers connect with the Chinese market?

From consumers’ point of view, customer service is a crucial aspect in determining a brand’s capability. You may think that customers buy something because of an item’s quality and functions, but this is only partly true. In reality, they make buying decisions not just based on products’ features and prices but also on their emotions. In this aspect, customer care is mostly responsible for what customers feel about a particular brand. Read more

3 Tasks made easier by call center technology

One of the primary goals of every call center is to provide exceptional customer service, whether through live chat, SMS, email, or the phone. With an array of tech tools, they can now deliver these services more efficiently. And since we’re no longer in the dinosaur age of telecommunications, when agents had to pull records from filing cabinets, the processes involved in customer support delivery have become easier to carry out. Nowadays, agents can handle queries and complaints in a faster way. Tracking and keeping customers’ information has also become a lot easier, since technology allowed us to automate some basic functions. Read more

How global firms can enhance customer experience

Global firms are under a lot of pressure to please their customers in different parts of the world. Luckily, there‚Äôs an array of tech resources you can make use of as you build new markets. In addition we’re currently in the golden age of outsourcing, a solution that enables businesses to be more productive, agile, and responsive to customers’ needs. Read more

4 Basic qualities to look for in an outsourcing service provider

If you’ve decided that entrusting some of your business functions to an outsourcing service provider is the way to go for your business, the next crucial step is the selection process. Choosing the right outsourcing partner is extremely important; select a truly capable company and it can drive your customer support and business efforts to succeed, or partner with the wrong firm that can potentially leave your initiatives dead in the water. Read more