What’s your marketing plan for Chinese customers?

China has always been an attractive spot for businesses due to its large and powerful market base that still continues to expand to this day. Although great results are waiting for you on these fertile business grounds, rising above your competitors will be the greatest challenge.

To penetrate this lucrative sector, you have to offer the right thing to your Chinese customers and complement your products with great customer service. In this aspect, bilingual call centers that have an extensive knowledge about the Chinese market will play a significant role.

Here are some of the things you need to know about Chinese consumers as you create a marketing plan that addresses the need of the world’s most dynamic market.


1.     Building loyalty among Chinese consumers can be tough.

chinese businessman in grocery pulling can

With many of the world’s most competitive companies finding their way to the Chinese market, there’s no shortage of products and services in this area. There’s just so many items to choose from, and Chinese customers find it easy to try a variety of products or jump from one offer to the next.

One of the most effective ways to stand out above the sea of suppliers in China is to personalize the way you reach out to them. Speaking their language is a must if you want to show dedication and sincerity.


2.     Going online will help your case.

computer keyboard with Chinese flag button

The Chinese ecommerce market is experiencing an unbelievable progress. In 2014, China Internet Watch documented a 21.3% increase in this sector, which amounts to USD 1.93 trillion. Forecasts say that by 2018, this figure would increase to USD 3.8 trillion.

It would be a great loss for your firm if you don’t have the right set of business strategies for launching your ecommerce platform. One of the most important components of such channels is usability and convenience for Chinese customers, which you can implement through online services delivered by a Chinese call center. Among these are web chat, email services, and online technical support.


3.     Tailor your products to local standards.

chinese girls using tablet computer for ecommerce holding credit card for online shopping

Foreign brands have been benefiting from the massive power of Chinese consumers, but not all of them make it big in this region. Although Chinese customers show appreciation for foreign brands, there’s a great need to personalize your products and services to suit the tastes and preferences of Chinese customers. When it comes to customer services, the Chinese prefer businesses they can talk to without the hassle of language differences.


4.     Chinese customers prefer fast services.

businessman looking at wrist watch

Anywhere in the world, speed is perhaps the strongest metric of convenience. Whether it’s your website’s loading time, product delivery, or customer service, Chinese consumers want everything donea in the quickest possible way.

Thus, partnering with a Chinese call center should be part of your marketing plan. An outsourcing firm that meets your standards of efficiency, performance, speed, and responsiveness will be your partner in penetrating the rich Chinese market.



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