How can call centers connect with the Chinese market?

From consumers’ point of view, customer service is a crucial aspect in determining a brand’s capability. You may think that customers buy something because of an item’s quality and functions, but this is only partly true. In reality, they make buying decisions not just based on products’ features and prices but also on their emotions. In this aspect, customer care is mostly responsible for what customers feel about a particular brand.

To bridge the gap between brands and their customers, call centers must constantly work on building good relationships. Resolving issues arising from products and services is a good way to connect with consumers, but more than this, establishing emotional connections is more important.

For Chinese businesses looking for ways to enhance customer relationships, outsourcing to business processes outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines is a good option that comes with plenty of opportunities. Filipino outsourcing companies possess the following characteristics that enable them to establish good rapport with Chinese customers.


1.     They know the Chinese market.

female customer service rep outside call center giving thumbs up

Bilingual agents in Philippine call centers are familiar with the profile of Chinese customers, as China is a neighboring nation and the two countries share several cultural similarities. This market knowledge is reflected in the high-quality service that companies provide to customers, which enriches client interactions and helps form a strong bond between brands and their communities.


2.     Agents know how to listen well.

customer service rep listening carefuly to caller customer

Agents in Philippine outsourcing companies always pay close attention to what customers are saying. Good and active listening lets agents deliver exemplary customer service, as this helps agents respond appropriately to the issues being discussed. As one of the most important skills that call centers must have, listening shows customers that they are valued and welcome. It also helps callers become comfortable when talking to agents.


3.     They understand customers’ emotions.

male customer service rep smiling at work

Agents in Philippine call centers are naturally tactful and sensitive to other people’s needs. This helps them understand how customers feel when interacting with them, which is the first step in gaining their trust. They are well-trained to listen attentively and show empathy especially if the customer feels unhappy with product issues.


4.     They are honest, respectful, and accommodating.

close up customer service rep busy talking to customer on phone

BPO services in the Philippines are among the most successful in the global outsourcing industry, and they’ve risen to the top for the right reasons. Honesty and transparency are the two primary values that guide their interaction with customers, and this fosters clear understanding and trust. They are also accommodating when it comes to complaints, and they make sure that all concerns are attended to in the most efficient way possible.


The four traits enumerated above show how Philippine call centers connect with customers. They focus on the quality of communication, listen attentively, and places themselves in the customers’ position as they strive to resolve issues and satisfy clients’ needs.



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