First contact resolution: A performance metric you don’t want to ignore

It’s only natural for consumers to want the best customer service from the brands they trust. They expect companies to attend to their needs, with the customer support team assisting them in resolving their concerns. No matter what communication platform, whether it’s via the phone, email, live chat, or social media messenger, they want answers in an instant.

Thus, it’s in your call center’s best interest to work on providing effective and efficient solutions during the first time they contact you.

First contact resolution or first call resolution (FCR) is a performance metric that tracks a call center’s performance in solving the customers’ problems on the first try. It’s an important metric because it can determine customer satisfaction and define a call center’s efficiency and a brand’s reputation.

Here are some reasons why your contact center must closely monitor FCR.


1.     It develops employee performance

smart call center agent assisting customer over the phone

Setting FCR as one of your call center’s performance metrics helps your customer support team focus on thoroughly resolving customers concerns as efficiently as they can. Just make sure to emphasize the importance of accuracy to make sure that only the right solutions are provided. These serve as the solid backbone of your employee’s work acumen as they can improve other aspects of their customer service skills.


2.     It helps ensure employee satisfaction

This is where the adage “A happy worker leads to a happy customer” comes into mind. If an employee is well-trained and well-equipped to handle customers, and is happy with their job, then they can provide the customer service your customer deserves. Your frontline agents are the ones facing your customers’ complaints, and keeping your workers satisfied ensures customers are satisfied.


3.     It improves customer satisfaction

With every concern immediately resolved, you ensure that your customers are satisfied with their continued support of your brand. Achieving high FCR scores means you’ve done your part in creating a great customer experience for your consumers.


4.     It helps build your positive brand reputation

Your customer service team’s accuracy and efficiency defines the quality of support your business offers. So as your marketing team works to develop your brand’s identity in your industry, let your FCR scores show your consumers that you’re a reliable company. All these can help build your reputation as a brand that people can trust.


5.     It can help grow your consumer base

Digital marketing isn’t the only tactic that will bring people to your brand. A good brand reputation, reinforced by positive word-of-mouth from customers satisfied with your FCR, can attract more consumers to your fold.


6.     It inspires brand loyalty

Good customer service will help you earn your customers’ trust. Keep these aspects of your customer support strategies constant and you’ll eventually win your consumers’ loyalty. Not only will they be repeat customers, they’ll keep coming back for your other products and urge their friends to do the same.


7.     It can boost sales

Many customer issues are formed during the early parts of the buyer’s journey (the process consumers advance through as they make the decision to purchase products). Ensuring FCR for customers will help them progress through the buyer’s map and smoothly lead them to the final phase, the Decision Stage, where they decide whether to buy from your business or not. The more people your reps successfully guide through the buyer’s journey, the more sales opportunities your brand gets.


8.     Reduced operational costs

Lesser repeat calls mean more customers accommodated. Your call center becomes more efficient because you don’t need to tend to an even more irate customer whose problem arose again. This is especially seen in times a call center receives high volumes of calls. Contact centers that achieve FCR are also unburdened by repeat calls during peak times or seasons.


Of course, FCR is not an cure-all metric. There are other factors that may affect a call center’s performance and impression, but prescribing to this KPI ensures that you care for your customers and assure quality customer service for them.



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