Aligning the customer experience with your business principles

One way of enhancing the Chinese customer experience is to offshore your services to a bilingual call center. However, in most cases, having a separate organization to carry out your customer services processes would require you to revisit your own business principles to make sure that they are in harmony with your outsourcing partner’s.

Aligning your organizational principles with your call center approach is the key to delivering customer-focused services. Your company’s vision must resonate in every customer interaction, as this would allow you to focus on building relationships and establishing a brand identity that people will remember.

Keep the following pointers in mind to help you integrate your management principles with your customer service strategy.


1.     Form a solid interpretation of what customer experience means.

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If your organization and your bilingual call center have different interpretations of what the customer journey means, your customer service delivery would fall apart. The challenge is to form a solid understanding of what people expect from your services so that you and your call center can both formulate strategies to fill those expectations. Those strategies should focus on the same goal and must be founded on the same principles.


2.     Integrate the customers voice with your service principles.

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Business leaders can learn a lot from their customers. If you know your customers well enough, it means that you are listening to them well. Use the insights that you have gathered from them to formulate customer-centric service principles, and make sure that those insights are reflected in the way you interact with your clients.


3.     Strategic principles must guide your customer service.

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A call center approach can only be successful if it is backed by a strategic management principle. In a nutshell, strategy is about getting more work done using the least possible amount of resources, time, people, and effort. Good managers can find more than one way to execute a particular task, and they always choose the best route in getting things done.


4.     Give clear directions to your employees.

call center manager helping customer service agent

Clear and concise communication should be every organization’s mantra, and this applies not only to the customer service sector. Giving clear instructions is a powerful way to connect people, mobilize them, and foster mutual understanding. It is a means to bridge gaps caused by unclear and inefficient communication between and within organizations.


Your business principles should fuel the enhancement of your customer service delivery. Of course, your bilingual call center plays a big role in forming bonds with your clients, but as a business owner, building the right customer approach is your call. Keep in mind the pointers discussed above to help you formulate the perfect strategy for reaching out to your market and enhancing the customer experience.



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