5 Elements of a well-crafted business proposal

Chinese customers are among the most meticulous groups of consumers. The existence of several brands competing for their attention trained them to become smart buyers. And they only buy from the brands they trust, which makes the Chinese market competition exponentially tougher.

Partnering with a Chinese-speaking bilingual call center will help you stand out from your competitors. Having a bilingual team of agents by your side will allow you to reach out to your target customers easily and quickly. However, you must be very careful when choosing an outsourcing company to entrust your services with.

A customer service business proposal is a great way to gauge the capacity of an outsourcing company. Once a call center hands in their pitch, immediately look for and evaluate these five elements.


1.     Balanced customer analysis


Most customer service strategies fail not because of poorly crafted ideas, but because these ideas are not applicable to the target audience. A good call center looks deeper into this matter and explores strategies that accommodate the unique characteristics of its customers. In a multicultural setting, a thorough customer analysis allows brands to avoid conflicts caused by insufficient understanding of their community’s background and history.

Good service personalization strategies start from having a complete knowledge about who the audience is.


2.     List of services they offer

This is one of the basic elements of a business pitch. If you’re requiring specific services or channels from a bilingual call center, this portion will tell you whether your prospective company can deliver those. Pay close attention to the details regarding how their services work and analyze the limitations and strengths of their processes.


3.     Detailed strategy for Chinese customers

You can tell whether an outsourcing company really took its business proposal seriously if it contains a detailed customer service strategy specifically for the market sector you’re targeting. Chinese customers have a unique set of traits and traditions largely because of the intricacies in their cultural practices. This portion will tell you whether you can rely on your prospective outsourcing company in helping you crack the shell of a market that’s really difficult to penetrate.


4.     Business continuity measures


Several events can cause disruptions in a call center’s service delivery. These may include IT problems, natural disasters, and employee attrition and turnover.

To ensure that your customers are receiving continuous care, you need to know how your call center plans to handle the most disastrous situations that could happen. You don’t want to partner with an outsourcing firm only to discover later on that they don’t have a backup plan in place.


5.     Customer service roadmap

Every global brand’s dream is to become the most dynamic company in the world. Innovation is a key in making this possible, and thus, all aspects of your business, including the outsourced ones, must be able to keep pace with your growth. If your bilingual call center cannot envision your customer service five or ten years from now, that can be very disadvantageous for your firm.



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