4 Reasons why bilingualism matters in customer service

Between 50,000 to 100,000 years ago, humans began to communicate with one another in a complex and sophisticated manner. Now, our highly advanced mastery of language combined with the differences in cultural practices has given birth to around 6,900 languages in the world. Out of this figure, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely used, with approximately one billion speakers.

These facts prove that entrepreneurs must be able to speak multiple languages, especially if they’re planning to expand to foreign territories. Bilingualism in the workplace became a trend because it allows businesses to expand their reach and improve the way they communicate with their clientele.

Outsourcing companies have also long begun to offer bilingual customer service to aid growing brands. Here are the top four benefits of teaming up with bilingual call centers.


1.     Reach more people

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To establish a firm presence in new territories, brands need to communicate effectively with their target demographic. And it’s impossible to do this if they don’t speak their customers’ language. Bilingualism can break the barriers built by lingual and cultural differences. The more languages you can speak, the more people you can reach, and the more consumers you can acquire.


2.     Resolve problems faster

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Perhaps because they’ve become accustomed to the efficiency of technology, most consumers nowadays have shorter attention spans and so they get impatient easily. They expect everything to be handed to them in an instant, and customer service is no exception. Consumers consider speed as a measure of a brand’s overall competence, so you have to step up if you want to please them.

If you’re speaking a language that your customers are unfamiliar with, you’ll have a hard time resolving their issues. On the other hand, the ability to truly understand everything a customer says will help agents find great solutions to complaints. Without language incompatibilities getting in the way, they’ll be able to do all this quickly. This lets you boost customer satisfaction.


3.     Avoid misunderstandings

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Agents can’t afford to accidentally offend customers during a support transaction. This can happen if agents aren’t familiar with the language and culture of the person they’re talking to. The sad thing is, customers can easily abandon your brand after such instances.

Bilingual call centers can help you dodge these sticky situations. Outsourcing companies usually conduct cultural sensitivity trainings for their agents so they’ll know how to deal with customers in an appropriate, tactful manner. This strengthens customer relationships and also enhances the customer experience.


4.     Make interactions meaningful

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Language doesn’t only convey meanings, they also emit emotions and help build camaraderie. Naturally, therefore, people who speak the same dialect are able to connect with each other at a more meaningful level. Speaking the same language is an automatic indication that two or more people share the same background, which also signifies that they can easily relate to one another.


If you want to build strong, lasting connections with your customers, bilingualism is definitely a powerful means of doing so. You can easily acquire new customer service languages by partnering with a bilingual call center. Working with them will also help you lower operation costs while tapping into an expert workforce.



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