4 Business etiquette tips to win your Chinese market

Judging from its sheer size, China is the world’s biggest market. It has a growing middle class and a dynamic consumption culture, both of which make it an attractive location for investors.

It’s not surprising that every business wants to cater to Chinese customers, but not all brands know how to do this effectively. It takes a combination of robust marketing techniques and great customer service to win the Chinese market. A lot of businesses targeting this Asian nation often partner with a bilingual call center so they can communicate more effectively with their target consumers.

With China’s rapid growth in the international scene, it’s important to be at par with the demands of the customers. In order to do this, master the following Chinese business etiquette tips and make them part of your customer support and marketing strategy.

1.     Keep conversations formal.

The Chinese appear to be very pensive. This is because of their long-continued tradition that revolves around respect and modesty. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to appreciate the lighter side of things, but for them, there’s a right time and place for everything. When it comes to business matters, therefore, it’s important to keep your conversations with them formal. At the same time, let them know that you intend to deepen your business relationship with them.

2.     Establish good business relationships.

The Chinese don’t easily engage in conversations, especially if it’s about business. So before involving them in any business activity, it’s important to create and maintain a solid foundation grounded in honesty and trust. Your customer service agents as well as your sales representatives must always keep this in mind. This is how they can establish a firm connection with potential customers. It might take some time to get them involved, but through this process, you can build loyalty around your brand.

3.     Negotiate effectively.

As natural-born astute negotiators, Chinese consumers always want to get the best value out of every business deal they enter. Expect every transaction to involve compromises and a series of negotiations. Therefore, as your bilingual telemarketers pitch your products or services, they must be able to handle clients without hurting your organization’s profit. If done properly, it can result to a win-win situation—customer satisfaction and financial gain.

4.     Give a token of appreciation.

Gift-giving is part of the Chinese tradition, so it’s a good idea to use this as one of your marketing techniques. It can be a good way to start establishing your “guanxi” or business relationship with them. With a token, you’ll be able to show how sincere you are in connecting with them. Do note, however, that there are certain symbols that might have positive and negative connotations, as derived from their traditions.



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