3 Tasks made easier by call center technology

One of the primary goals of every call center is to provide exceptional customer service, whether through live chat, SMS, email, or the phone. With an array of tech tools, they can now deliver these services more efficiently. And since we’re no longer in the dinosaur age of telecommunications, when agents had to pull records from filing cabinets, the processes involved in customer support delivery have become easier to carry out. Nowadays, agents can handle queries and complaints in a faster way. Tracking and keeping customers’ information has also become a lot easier, since technology allowed us to automate some basic functions.

Here are three tasks now being performed by automation and tech tools in the contact center.


1.     Asking for customer information

smiling female call center agent

Agents no longer need to repeatedly ask customers for their name, contact details, and account numbers, since they can now extract these data from their customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Within seconds, customer support reps can identify a caller or anticipate the issues they may be experiencing. They can also create new profiles and update existing ones in an instant, and all these are easily retrievable.


2.     Pulling out purchase history from various sources.

call center team at office doing customer service work

In addition to storing customers’ profiles, CRM databases also compile information from previous transactions, purchases, and other types of interactions. This gives agents a single, more accurate view of the customer.

Also, this capability is useful for market research. Business leaders can segment people’s profiles and devise personalized marketing and support strategies based on their characteristics. All in all, this paves the way toward a better customer experience.


3.     Transferring calls or putting customers on hold

call center rep on call speaking to customer

Omnichannel solutions allow agents to communicate with customers in real time across multiple devices. This lets call centers and brands cater to people’s varied preferences.

Productivity-wise, however, a multichannel strategy powered by CRM solutions lessens the need to put customers on hold or transfer them to another department. Through a unified database, agents gain immediate access to every single bit of information they need to solve a customer’s issue. This allows them to solve problems faster and more effectively.


Powerful tech tools can greatly improve customer–agent relationships and help brands deliver a better consumer experience. To generate the best results, however, contact centers must ensure that their staff are properly trained to utilize such powerful features.



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