3 questions to ask before outsourcing services to a contact center

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a popular choice among companies that want to leverage their resources to stay on top of the Chinese market. With the increasing demand and competition, it’s no surprise that they want to take a step further to maintain and widen their customer base.

Outsourcing services to a contact center allows business owners to handle their core functions while they leave tedious tasks to another firm. But before you even select an outsourced company overseas, here are three questions your team must think about.


1.     How can my business benefit from outsourcing?


Evaluating your current business flow can help you decide if your company already needs another hand to keep up with customers’ needs. As you build relationships and upgrade services, it’s expected that demands will increase. If your team’s not fully equipped with customer service and interpersonal skills, then you might just be risking your image to your clients.

The advantage of outsourcing is having the access to highly skilled people. Rather than pulling out some of your in-house staff to handle heavy call volume, you can have a team of dedicated people who can focus on answering queries and resolving problems that are linked to product usage. Doing this displays your genuine intention to help your customers.


2.     Is it worth the cost?


Chinese nationals are known for their frugality, which means they find great value for every cent they spend. It’s important to know how you can maximize having an overseas partner that can increase productivity. At the end of the day, you want outstanding results that can outweigh the costs.

Having a BPO partner allows you to save on costs on labor and equipment. You have a separate team, paid at a lower rate, that is solely responsible for handling your Chinese customers across all continents. This is better than asking your in-house staff to go overtime to finish their core tasks aside from attending to clients’ needs. Also, you don’t need to spend on equipment and train people to use it. Your offshore provider will most likely have it ready, along with modules for training new employees to use modern facilities.


3.     What should I outsource?


To get an answer to this question, you need to backtrack and review your business process and cost. Which tasks take much of your time and costs more? It’s important to check which company functions can be passed on to another organization to increase in-house productivity and manage tedious roles.

A third party vendor ensures that your company’s tedious tasks are properly handled. This is why you should wisely decide to outsource roles that can make your entire business function properly while giving advantage to your employees and clients.


Give your business a competitive advantage. By outsourcing services, you can maximize your in-house functions while another firm handles your non-core tasks. What other questions do you have in mind? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.



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