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Why Chinese
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Why Chinese

If you aim to strengthen your presence in Asia, targeting the Chinese-speaking market is a promising strategy. In order to impress Chinese customers, however, you need to speak their language first. Chinese Call Center can be your partner in eliminating the language barriers that are stopping you from successfully earning your Chinese customers’ trust. With nearly 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers worldwide, equipping your business with bilingual customer service can open doors for your business. Now is the best time to plan your strategy in connecting with this major demographic.

Who we are

Chinese Call Center is an outsourcing company that offers a wide range of call center support services set in the Chinese language. Our operational facilities are based in strategic key locations in Asia, including the Philippines and Taiwan. We guarantee our clients exceptional outsourcing experience where their business needs are matched with the most appropriate voice and non-voice customer service and technical support solutions. Our Chinese call center agents undergo extensive language, cultural, and customer service training to ensure that your business gets the best pool of outsourced representatives.

What we can do for you

Chinese Call Center is your go-to outsourcing provider for customer service and technical support solutions that are designed to impress your Chinese customers. We commit to carefully assessing your specific business needs before recommending the bilingual outsourcing package that can take your business to greater heights. Our Chinese call center support services are currently delivered using three mediums: phone, live chat, and email. Making us your partner can give you access to high quality call center resources, including technologies, processes, and workforce.

Where we can take you

Global competitiveness is within your reach when you choose to partner with Chinese Call Center. Having customer service representatives or technical support agents who can proficiently speak the native tongue of your Chinese customers lets your business transcend language and cultural barriers. This will help you earn a strong reputation that can impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your bottom line. Outsourcing to Chinese Call Center can also give you greater focus on your core business operations by having an offshore team that takes charge of your ancillary services.